Use your YouTube Premium benefits (2024)

YouTube Premium is a paid membership that amplifies your experience on YouTube. Learn more about Premium benefits below, or browse Premium membership offerings.

Watch videos without ads

With YouTube Premium, you can watch millions of videos without interruptions by ads before and during a video, including video overlay ads. You will also not see third-party banner ads and search ads.

You may still see branding or promotions embedded in the content by the creator and promotional links, shelves and features in and around the content that are added or enabled by the creator. These links, shelves and features could be for their website, merchandise, a membership to their channel, event tickets, or other related destinations they are promoting.

Ad-free videos are supported across all devices and platforms where you can sign in with your Google Account—including on compatible smart TVs/gaming consoles and the YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile apps, if they're available in your location.

YouTube Music Premium offers a similar experience, allowing you to enjoy music content in the YouTube Music app without ads.

Download videos to watch offline

Download videos and playlists to watch offline when you aren’t connected to the internet. You can download videos to watch offline using the YouTube app, download songs to listen to offline using the YouTube Music app, and watch auto-downloaded videos in the YouTube Kids app.

With Smart Downloads, recommended content is automatically added to your library to watch or listen to offline. Enjoy videos on-the-go and discover new content without the hassle of searching. Learn how to manage or turn off your Smart Downloads.

Available on: YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium

Background play

Play videos on your mobile device while using other apps or when your screen is off. Background play is available on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids mobile apps (if these apps are available in your location) when you're signed in with your YouTube Premium membership account.

Customize or turn off background play

Background Play is available on YouTube mobile apps when you’re signed in with your YouTube Premium membership account. By default, videos will always play in the background.

To change or turn off background play:

  1. Go to Settings Use your YouTube Premium benefits (1).
  2. Select Background Play under "Background & Downloads."
  3. Make your selection:
    • Always on: Videos will always play in the background (default setting).
    • Off: Videos will never play in the background.
    • Headphones or external speakers: Videos will only play in the background if your device is connected to headphones, speakers, or an external audio output.

Available on: YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium

You also get access to YouTube Music Premium as part of your benefits. With YouTube Music Premium, you can:

  • Enjoy millions of songs and videos in YouTube Music without ads.
  • Download songs and videos to your mobile device for offline listening.
  • Use background play to keep your music playing while you use other apps.
  • Turn on audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.

Continue watching

With your Premium membership, you can continue watching videos right where you left off for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

If you stop watching a video, we’ll save your spot so that you can resume watching videos across multiple devices.

Available on: YouTube Premium

Modify playback with Premiumcontrols

With a Premium membership, you can multi-task and enjoy videos at your own speed with Premiumcontrols. Skip through content, change your playback speed, and more.

To access Premium controls from the YouTube mobile app:

  1. Open a video from a signed-in YouTube Premium account.
  2. Tap SettingsUse your YouTube Premium benefits (2).
  3. Tap Additional settings.
  4. Select Premium controls.

Your video will open the large controls menu, where you can:

  • Play, pause, or skip between videos.
  • Skip forward/back within videos +/- 10 seconds.
  • Like a video.
  • Save a video for later.
  • Change your playback speed.
  • Turn stable volume on or off.

Premium controls are available on Android, iPhone, and tablets, but are not yet available on desktop.

Available on: YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium

Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Picture-in-picture (PiP) lets you watch videos while using other apps on your mobile device.

Learn more about how to use picture-in-picture on your mobile device.


  • Premium users (Android/iOS): Long-form videos (and Shorts on Android).
  • Ad-supported users in the US: Long-form videos (excluding certain content like music videos).
  • Ad-supported users outside the US: PiP not available.

Queue videos on mobile devices and tablets

Set up videos to watch next without interrupting the video you’re watching. Queuing on mobile devices and tablets is only available with YouTube Premium.

Available on: YouTube Premium

Change your video quality

With YouTube Premium, you can watch videos in 1080p Premium.

1080p Premium is an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p. An enhanced bitrate provides more information per pixel, resulting in a higher quality viewing experience. Videos are only eligible for an enhanced bitrate if they were uploaded in 1080p. You won’t find the 1080p Premium option for:

  • Live Streams
  • Shorts
  • Videos uploaded at resolutions higher or lower than 1080p

To give you the best viewing experience, YouTube changes the quality of your video stream based on your viewing conditions. If you have a Premium membership, your resolution may automatically set to 1080p Premium. You can update your quality settings within the YouTube App.

Available on: YouTube Premium

Premium Badges

Badges linked to Premium tenure reward users for their loyalty, whereas Benefit badges reward users for their loyalty. You can earn badges with a longer tenure and by engaging with your Premium benefits (eg. Afterparty, YouTube Music, Continue Watching). They are currently available to users 18+.

You can find your Premium badges on the Your Premium benefits page on your YouTube account.

To find your Premium badges:

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Go to your homepage
  3. Tap on your profile icon
  4. Click Your Premium Benefits
  5. Scroll down the page to view your Premium badges

By clicking any locked badges, you can get more details on how to earn that badge


  • Pausing watch history will prevent users from earning badges related to Your Premium benefits (eg. Afterparty, YouTube Music, Continue Watch).
  • Resetting watch history will remove previously earned badges related to Your Premium benefits.
  • Canceling Premium means users no longer have access to the Your Premium benefits page where the badges are stored.
  • Signing back up for Premium, enables users to see previously earned badges.

Other Premium benefits

As a YouTube Premium member, you’ll have access to other members-only features, including:

  • .
  • Smart device integration.
  • Smart downloads.
  • Co-Watch with Google Meet.
  • Special offers and early access to new features.

Note: Some of these features are limited to select territories, devices, and plans. We frequently add new features to enhance your YouTube Premium experience, which you can learn about on our Premium Updates page.


  • Get more information on YouTube Premium and our paid memberships.
  • Learn how your YouTube Premium membership helps to support YouTube creators.
  • Update to the latest version of the YouTube app to make sure you have access to YouTube Premium benefits.

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How to get YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium

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Note: YouTube TV, Primetime channels, channel memberships, and NFL Sunday Ticketare not included in YouTube Premium or Music Premium benefits.

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Use your YouTube Premium benefits (2024)


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