Recap - 'The Vampire Diaries': 'Klaus' (2024)

The episode opens with Elena waiting for Elijah to wake up. He suddenly jerks and, seeing her face, believes she is Katherine. The show flashes back to England in 1492, when Elijah is introduced to Katherine for the first time. He stares at her and apologises, saying she reminds him of someone. Back in the present, Elena whispers to Elijah that she is not Katherine and tells him to be quiet. He falls asleep but when she touches his neck, he jerks and stands up. He explains that he can't breathe and can't be in the house and Elena realises that he hasn't been invited in. He rushes outside and Elena follows him. She tells him to be quiet, indicating that Stefan and Damon are home. Elijah asks how he can trust Elena, and she hands him the dagger.

Stefan wakes up suddenly and realises that Elena has gone. Damon, who is with Andie, has no idea where she is. Stefan accuses Damon of using Andie like a "wind-up toy" and suddenly notices the door to the cellar is open. He rushes downstairs with Damon and they discover that Elijah's body has gone. Meanwhile, Klaus tells his witch Maddox to return soon as he wants to get out of Alaric's body. He turns to Katherine and explains that he is ready to break the curse - the full moon is almost upon them, he killed Bonnie, he has the moonstone and the doppelganger is waiting. He explains that he has to break the curse in the doppelganger's birthplace and Katherine is surprised, but Klaus reminds her that she "betrayed" him before he could tell her the details. He says he hopes Elena is not as stupid and Katherine tells him that she won't run because she will want to protect people. Klaus says that is what he is counting on and compels Katherine not to leave the apartment until he says so.

Elijah sucks on a blood bag as he sits in a car with Elena. Elena promises to tell him everything but says she needs his word. She explains she will help him if he helps her, pointing out that he needs help to kill Klaus. Stefan calls, asking Elena if she is alright. He decides to come and find her but Elena says she needs time alone with Elijah and says he is a noble man who she can trust. She adds that she would be stupid to betray him and by removing the dagger she proved herself. She asks Stefan to respect her decision and tells him to make sure Damon doesn't do anything stupid. She hangs up and hands her phone to Elijah. At the Salvatore house, Damon says they need to stop Elena but Stefan tells him they have to trust her, even though he doesn't like the situation. Damon says he has a better plan but Stefan shouts at him to back off. Back in the car, Elena reveals that Klaus has taken over Alaric's body and asks what other tricks he uses. In a flashback, Elijah remembers introducing Klaus to Katherine. Back in the present, Elijah and Elena go up to the Lockwood house. Elijah compels Carol to make her let them in and find him a change of clothing.

Stefan receives a call from Jenna, who asks after Elena and Jeremy. She explains that Elena left her some strange messages telling her to stay away from Alaric. She adds that she has come home and is supposed to meet Alaric for lunch. Stefan yells at her not to meet him and promises to get over there and explain everything. Damon sees him leave and sarcastically tells him that he would help, but he is backing off. When Stefan has gone, Damon gets Andie and tells her that they are going rogue.

Elena and Elijah continue to chat, and Elena reveals that the Martin witches are dead and she believes Katherine may be as well as Klaus took her. Elijah says that Klaus won't have killed her because that would be "too easy". Elena admits that she doesn't understand how Elijah could want Klaus dead when he made Katherine pay for betraying him. Elijah admits that at one time he would have done anything for Klaus. In another flashback, he remembers Klaus asking to spend some time alone with Katherine - Elijah and Klaus refer to each other as "brother". Back in the present, Elena is shocked to discover that they are related. Elijah explains that he is from a family of originals, and from them all vampires were created. Elena asks how Elijah can want his brother dead but he goes outside to get some air.

Meanwhile, Katherine is bored sitting in Alaric's flat on her own and finds some bourbon. Suddenly, she hears Damon and Andie trying to get in. She tries to run off but can't because of Klaus' compulsion. Andie and Damon get in and explain that they came to see if she deserved to be rescued. Damon hands Katherine some vervain and explains that there is always a loophole to compulsion. He asks Katherine if Klaus compelled her to do everything he says until the end of time and she admits that he didn't. Damon tells her that's her loophole and advises her to drink the vervain to prevent further compulsion. He reminds her to make sure Klaus doesn't find out about the vervain and informs her that she owes him now, adding: "And I will collect."

Stefan arrives at Jenna's house, thanking her for not going to the Grill. However, Klaus - still possessing Alaric's body - appears. Soon, he is chopping vegetables menacingly with a sharp knife and talking about vampires. He claims that he is obsessed with vampires and that is one of the secrets he has been keeping from Jenna. He adds that vampires and werewolves are real. Jenna, who is getting increasingly uncomfortable, asks if he is joking. Klaus starts talking about the sun and the moon curse, explaining that these creatures "wouldn't care who they had to kill" to break it. Jenna eventually gets fed up and tells him to get out. However, Klaus refuses to leave. Jenna gets up to go herself but Klaus tells her she's not going anywhere. Stefan yells at Jenna to leave as he pushes Klaus up against the wall. Klaus tells him that he can't kill him but Stefan replies: "Watch me." Klaus points out that if Stefan kills Alaric's body he could choose Jenna as his next vessel. Stefan yells at Jenna again to go and she is shocked to see his face has changed. She runs off and Klaus starts making threats about Elena. Stefan kicks him to the ground and runs away.

Elijah continues to tell Elena about his history, explaining that only the wood from one tree can kill an original and his family burned it - making the white ash. He explains every creature has to have a weakness to maintain balance in the world. Elena asks why Klaus is so keen to break the sun and moon curse if the sun doesn't affect him and Elijah smiles. In a flashback, it emerges that Klaus drew the Aztec symbols upon which the curse is based - and a Roman scroll and African tribal drawings. Back in the present, Elijah explains that Klaus made up the curse because the easiest way to find the doppelganger would be to have every member of two warring species on the look out. However, he explains that Klaus is cursed and Elena is his only hope to break it. Stefan rings again and Elijah eventually hands over the phone to Elena, who finds out about Jenna. She begs Elijah to let her go to Jenna and promises to return. Elijah says her word doesn't mean anything until she lives up to it, and Elena runs off. When she has gone, Elijah has another flashback and remembers chasing Katherine through the woods to keep her company - she was supposed to spend the day with Klaus but he didn't return from his night out. Katherine admits that she doesn't know why Klaus called her because he doesn't seem to care about her, and asks if it's wrong for her to want more. She suggests that true love is not real unless it is returned. Elijah admits that he does not believe in love but Katherine tells him that's too sad as life is cruel enough and there would be no reason for living without love. Klaus arrives with blood on his shirt but brushes off Katherine's questions. The pair walk off together but Katherine looks back at Elijah.

Back in the present, Elena arrives at the Salvatore house to find Jenna. She apologises and admits that the stories about vampires are true. She explains that she thought Jenna would be safe if she didn't know anything but everything got out of control. Jenna says she was supposed to be protecting Elena and Jeremy, not the other way around. She admits that she is scared and Elena hugs her as she cries. Later, Elena leaves her alone and tells Stefan that Jenna is in shock. She explains that she has to go back to Elijah as she gave him her word and Stefan reluctantly agrees. However, Damon appears to stop her from going. Stefan tells him to let her go, and Damon warns him that he has stood in his way twice today. "I wouldn't try a third," he snarls.

Meanwhile, Katherine is drinking bourbon and dancing at Alaric's flat when Klaus returns. Katherine asks him why he's grumpy and Klaus explains Alaric's body has outlived its usefulness. Katherine offers him a drink, suggesting that it will loosen him up. However, Klaus angrily grabs the bottle and smashes it against the wall. He tries to compel Katherine to sit down and shut up, and she does so. Maddox arrives with Klaus's luggage and another witch - Greta, Luka's sister. She greets Klaus and asks if he is ready to get out of Alaric's body. At that moment, a casket is wheeled in.

Elena returns to Elijah and asks what Klaus' curse is. Elijah explains that when he and Klaus became vampires, they discovered that their father was not Klaus' real dad - his mother had had an affair. He explains that when their father found out he hunted down Klaus's father and killed him. However, he explains that he was unintentionally igniting a war between species - vampires and werewolves. Elena realises that Klaus's father was from a werewolf bloodline and asks Elijah whether Klaus is a werewolf or a vampire. Elijah replies: "He's both." He explains that a hybrid is more deadly than any vampire or werewolf so witches made Klaus' werewolf side dormant to avoid an imbalance of power. However, he explains that Klaus wants to break the curse and sire his own bloodline of hybrids. He adds that it will be dangerous for everyone, not just vampires. Elijah says that he used to want to help Klaus, but that changed. He adds that the only way to kill Klaus will be if a witch can channel enough power to kill him. Elena hints that she knows someone and Elijah says there's one more thing to know. In a flashback, Elijah approaches Klaus the day before the full moon. He explains that he has found a way for the witches to spare the doppelganger. Klaus is unconcerned, suggesting human lives mean nothing. Elijah begs him but Klaus realises that he has feelings for Katherine and tells him that love is a vampire's greatest weakness, adding that they do not care. He tells him to make sure the sacrifice happens as planned. Back in the present, Elijah confirms that he found a way to save the doppelganger but Katherine took matters into her own hands first. Elena realises he cared about her and he replies: "It's a common mistake, I'm told. One I won't make again."

At the Salvatore house, Andie tells Damon not to be mad at Stefan because they are both just worried about Elena, but he tells her to leave. Stefan arrives and tells him he is victimising Andie, but Damon replies that he should be thankful because Andie is a distraction that stops him going for what he really wants. Stefan sarcastically thanks him for being in love with Elena. He adds that he doesn't care because it means Damon will protect her, but adds that he has one thing Damon never will - her respect. Damon pushes Stefan against a wall and they begin to fight, but Elena arrives and yells at them to stop. Watching the fight, Elijah has another flashback and remembers Klaus approaching him, telling him that Katherine has fled. Elijah insists he had nothing to do with it and gives his word that he will find her. "If you do not, I give you my word - you will be dead," Klaus replies. Back in the present, Elena announces that she has renegotiated her deal with Elijah. Elijah explains he will not hurt Damon or Stefan as long as they apologise. Stefan does so, explaining he was just protecting Elena and always will. Elena announces that the sacrifice will happen as Elijah knows how to stop Bonnie from hurting herself and how to save Elena's life. However, Damon refuses to apologise and tells them to go to hell. He leaves, and Stefan tells Elijah that Damon is just angry with him and will come around. Damon goes to his bedroom and finds Andie stripped to her underwear. She points out that he didn't compel her to leave and Damon rushes over to her. He warns that he is upset and she knows what happens when he is upset, telling her again to leave. However, Andie says he needs to know someone cares about him. Damon bites her and throws her to the ground, where she cries. Damon grabs her face and compels her to get out of there before he kills her. The pair exchange tearful glances and Andie eventually rushes off.

The episode ends with Greta and Maddox casting a spell. Klaus rushes out of Alaric's body. Alaric returns and, seeing Katherine, believes he is seeing Elena. He collapses on the ground and Klaus walks out of the casket in the middle of the room. "Now, that's more like it," he says.

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Recap - 'The Vampire Diaries': 'Klaus' (2024)


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