90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (2024)

A birthday is a special occasion for friends, family, and everyone in between. Make someone’s day an extra special one with these wishes for a truly memorable celebration they won’t forget in a hurry!

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (1)

With our handcrafted selection of Short Birthday Quotes, Funny Birthday Wishes, Inspirational Birthday Wishes and Birthday Images with Captions, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Be it Birthday Wishes for a Friend, or simply just Special Birthday Wishes for a person who deserves the best wishes on their special day.

These birthday messages are a perfect fit for anyone who is celebrating a birthday and are guaranteed to show that special someone in your life how important and meaningful they are.

Each year that your birthday comes around is one more opportunity to celebrate the wonderfully special person that you are.

It’s your birthday and for that reason alone a very special day! Have fun, always be happy, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Happy birthday. Congratulations on another fantastic trip around the sun.

Blessed be the day you were born and each year you have had on this earth.

Happy birthday to someone I am genuinely grateful to have in my life. You are a true blessing to me.

Happy birthday! Every year is a blessing and today we have the joy of celebrating yet another chapter in your life.

Happy birthday to you, I wish you the best always.

Congratulations on another spectacular year. I’m wishing you many more beautiful moments in life to enjoy.

May you be blessed with the best on your birthday this year. Best wishes to you!

I have only one wish for you on your birthday this year and that’s for your special day to be as wonderful as you are.

Happiest of birthdays to you, my dear. I’m hoping that all of your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true for you today.

Happy birthday! May this special day of yours bring you all the happiness in the world!

Many happy returns! I wish you all the happiness that you deserve on this special day of yours!

On your birthday this year, I am wishing you health, happiness, and success! All the best to you!

I wish you joy every day and a little extra today. Have a wonderful birthday!

I wish you happiness today on your birthday and a lifetime of joy as you so deserve! Best wishes to you!

For someone who has the most beautiful
soul, I am wishing a birthday that’s equally
as beautiful. Congratulations to you.

May God bless you with all his love on this joyous day of yours, my dear. Happy birthday!

Today marks another wonderful year in your life. May you make the most of it and enjoy life to the fullest.

Warm wishes to you on your special day. May God bless you with good health, good fortune and lots of love today and always.

Having you in my life is a true blessing. May your birthday this year be extra special, my dear!

As you blow out the candles
On your birthday cake this year
I’m hoping they all come true
All of the wishes you hold dear.

Happy birthday! May today, your special day of all days, be truly fantastic and full of fun!

Many happy returns. May God continue to shine his light upon you throughout this new year ahead.

May your birthday this year truly be a celebration to remember. Happy birthday.

Today is your day! May these 24 hours that are dedicated to you fill your heart with joy!

You’re another year older which means there’s another reason to celebrate! I hope you enjoy your special day!

Short Birthday Quotes

Today is your day. Enjoy it!

Congratulations on another trip around the sun!

May your birthday be as truly special as you are.

Wishing you the best on today of all days!

May all of your birthday wishes come true!

Sending you big birthday hugs!

Here’s to another 365 days full of great adventures!

Another year older and more fabulous than ever!

Many happy returns! I hope you receive everything you wished for and more.

Your birthday only comes around once a year so make the most of your special day!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes

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Aim for the moon and eventually, you’ll reach the stars. ✨
Happy birthday.

Count the years of your life by smiles, not tears.

Many happy returns. Keep spreading your joy, and someday it will come back to reward you.

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May this be the year that all of your dreams come true. Happy birthday to you.

May your life always be full of joy and full of cheer. Have a wonderful birthday, my dear.

You are capable of anything you put your mind to. Greatness awaits you this year.

As you blow out the candles on your cake,
Be considerate of the wishes you make.

Congratulations on another incredible year. May this one be even better than the last.

I’m sending positive vibes your way on your very special day today.

Here’s to another year full of adventures and making magical memories.

Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy birthday to a very special friend. May your birthday touch your heart the way you do all of those around you.

Happy birthday, my friend! May you have a truly fabulous birthday this year full of joy and full of cheer!

This isn’t just another day, this is your special day! Happy birthday, my friend!

Happy birthday to my closest friend. May each day of your life bring happiness to your heart.

It’s not necessary to have hundreds of friends when really a heart-touching friendship is all you need. I’m glad I found my one true best friend in you.

Happy birthday, bestie. I’ll always be grateful that I was blessed with someone as special as you in my life.

Happy birthday! There’s no other day more perfect than your birthday to tell you just how meaningful and touching your friendship is to me.

Today is your special day and I’m hoping that it is one of your best yet, my friend! I’m sending you all my love and best wishes today! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who means the world to me. You’re the most special friend I’ve ever had and I’m truly grateful to have you in my life.

You’re another year older but you wouldn’t be able to tell. I’m wishing you many more years of being youthful and beautiful.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday! May your special day be just as amazing, funny, and as crazy as you are! 😜

Today you can have your cake and eat it too! Happy birthday to you, my friend!

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (13)

I promise not to reveal your true age if you agree not to reveal mine!

How can you be another year older, yet look more beautiful and younger than ever! Happy birthday!

Fabulous and funny since birth!

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (14)

Hilariously funny and wonderfully crazy, I wouldn’t have my best friend any other way! Happy birthday to you!

Live each moment like it’s your last. I mean, especially at your age!

Knowing someone as wonderful as me is a gift in itself.

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (15)

Age hasn’t been kind to you, my friend! Luckily you have me to help you feel younger! Happy birthday!

Over the years you’ve gotten older, but definitely not more grown up!

Be careful your teeth don’t fall out as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake today!

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (16)

Birthday loading, please stand by...

I know you don’t think cheesy birthday wishes are funny, but I just wanted you to know I think you’re grate.

Smart, funny, and super cute… But enough about me, today’s your special day!

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (17)

Happy birthday, buddy! I wanted to get you a gift that would put a smile on your face and make you laugh, before realizing you already have me for that!

Happy birthday! May the party be as perfect as the person we’re celebrating today!

Special Birthday Wishes

May your birthday messages put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. That’s the least someone as special as you deserves.

Today, on your special day, know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart. Best wishes to you.

Happy birthday. May the year ahead be filled with many wonderful blessings for you and yours.

Happy birthday. Someone who means as much to me as you do will always have a special place in my heart.

Happy birthday to someone super special to me! May you have the awesome birthday you deserve!

This year, I’m wishing you a happy birthday with meaning. Best wishes from my heart to yours.

Many happy returns to you! Someone as close to me as you are deserves an extraordinarily special birthday today!

There are few people in the world I know who are as smart and as inspirational as you. You truly are unique and one of the biggest blessings in my life.

It’s a very special day today because someone truly special is celebrating their birthday: you! I hope that every moment of your day brings a smile to your face and happiness to your heart.

You’re someone so special
Who is everything to me
You always have been
And always will be.

Happy birthday.

Year after year, you become more and more significant in my life. I’ll never tire of wishing you a happy birthday.

I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays from the bottom of my heart. You deserve endless happiness for being the magnificent person that you are.

For someone so special
Who to me is so very dear
I’m wishing you everything good
On your birthday this year.

Another birthday means another reason to celebrate. I’ll always be grateful for you.

I wish so many good things for you today
on your special day, for you are someone
who is special in every single way. May
each moment meet you with tenderness,
filling your heart with endless happiness.

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (23)

A very special person deserves an equally special day! Happy birthday to you!

May each day of your year ahead be wonderful, at least as wonderful as the person you are, and bring the same joy to your heart as you do to all those around you.

Happy birthday to a very special human. The kindness of your soul shines through in everything that you do. You’re simply an inspiration to us all.

A very special person deserves but the most special wishes on their birthday! I’m wishing you an extraordinarily happy and magnificent birthday today!

I’m wishing you a heartfelt happy birthday this year, my dear! You deserve your special day to be as heart-touching and as meaningful as you are to me!

It’s hard to believe the incredible impact
that just one person can have on your life,
but the effect you’ve had on mine is huge.
Happy birthday to you, my dearest.

For someone who means the world to me, I wish the world to you on your birthday this year!

You truly are someone so special
and unique, a remarkable person
I am so fortunate to have in my life.

May you receive many blessings
on your birthday today, as you
truly deserve the world.

Happy birthday to my favorite person of all! Over the years, we have created the most wonderful memories and you have touched my heart in more ways than you’ll ever know.

90+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes to Make Their Day Extra Special (2024)


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