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Stop and think for a moment about your favourite blogs, YouTube channels or television series.

What is it that you find interesting enough to spend your time watching or reading?

Aside from the nature of the content (which may be interesting, educating, entertaining or inspiring), chances are that you can relate to the creators and their stories in some way.

10 Ways to Create Relatable Content Your Readers Will Love - Mui Tsun (1)

10 Ways to Create Relatable Content Your Readers Will Love - Mui Tsun (2)

Maybe it's the style of the content that keeps you coming back. Or the character's quirky personality. It could just be the presenter's wit or charm. Or the fact you share their worldview on life.

In contrast, think about content you find boring or inspiring, or the content creators you just can't stand. They make you bounce away and click the back button in a flash.

The difference between these two groups of content is relatability.

So clearly, it's important to create relatable content your readers will love. And these 10 rules below will help you make sure that you do.

(1) Speak their language

Talk or write in a language and tone that resonates with your audience. Use common phrases, slang words and the type of humour that they would use themselves.

This is why it's so important to get to know your audience inside out.

Avoid using convoluted jargon and complex terminology. Think of it like chatting with a close friend over a cup of tea. Keep your language clear, concise, and, most importantly, relatable. Imagine your audience nodding in agreement, not furrowing their brows in confusion. When you adopt this approach, your content becomes a welcoming space where your readers feel understood and valued.

(2) Educate, entertain or inspire

This is a bit of a no-brainer really. You'll have to ask yourself why you're creating content at all if it doesn't educate, entertain or inspire.

Depending on your goal, you can choose to primarily educate them with valuable information, entertain them with a touch of humor or engaging storytelling, or inspire them with motivation and fresh perspectives. Tailor your content to their needs and preferences, and remember that striking the right balance between these three elements can make your content truly resonate with your audience.

(3) Share your values

Human beings are naturally drawn to those who share the same values. So don't be shy about sharing yours. It will give people a reason to rally around what you stand for.

Your values are the heart and soul of your brand. Sharing them openly and honestly is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Whether it's clean eating, increasing awareness on a specific topic, or other guiding principles, communicating your values builds trust and attracts like-minded readers. When your values align with those of your audience, you forge a deeper connection. Your content becomes a reflection of shared beliefs, and that resonance can transform casual readers into devoted followers. So, make it a point to weave your values into your content; it's a powerful way to build a meaningful relationship with your audience.

(4) Get Personal

One of the most powerful ways to create relatable content is by getting personal. Don't be afraid to open up and share your own experiences. By showing your human side, you make yourself more approachable and relatable to your readers. Share your struggles, your achievements, and your daily routines. Let your audience see the person behind the content.

Don't be afraid to share information about who you are. Not just the work-related stuff, but the little things that make you YOU. Your audience will enjoy learning more about who you are and what inspires you.

For example, sharing that you're feeling 'out of sorts' because you've had to take your dog to the vets shows your readers your human side. Things like this are problems your audience can relate to.Even when things go wrong, it's ok to share. As long as you focus on providing inspiration, education or entertainment, you'll be unlikely to over-share.

When they can relate to your personal stories and experiences, a genuine connection forms, and your content becomes a valuable source of inspiration and empathy. It's like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, and that's precisely the kind of connection you want to establish with your audience.

(5) Use imagery

It's a cliche but it's true. A picture does paint a thousand words. Sometimes it's much easier to convey emotions through images and even GIFs*.

*GIFS are moving images (memes) that demonstrate a point and convey emotion. They are often humorous and can be clips of well known phrases, lines in movies, human or cartoon expressions. You can find GIFs at places like Giphy.

For example, I used this Winnie the Pooh GIF to illustrate the feeling of getting stuck in this blog post.

Visual elements, such as images, infographics, or illustrations, enhance your message and make it more engaging. Visual aids not only break the monotony of text but also cater to different learning styles. Your readers can see, comprehend, and remember your message more effectively when it's accompanied by relevant imagery.

The key is relevance - choose visuals that align with your content, your personal style and your message.

(6) Address their pain points

Relatable content is more than just words; it's about understanding and addressing the challenges your audience faces. To truly connect with your readers, identify their pain points, the things that keep them up at night. Are they confused, overwhelmed, or facing a specific issue? Your content should serve as a guiding light, providing solutions and clarity.

When you empathise with their struggles, it shows that you genuinely understand and care about their well-being. Think of your content as a beacon in the fog of their uncertainties, helping them navigate their way forward. By doing this, you become a trusted companion on their journey, and your content becomes the lifeline they depend on to overcome their challenges. It's like offering a helping hand to someone lost in a labyrinth, and that's the kind of assistance that truly resonates with your audience.

(7) Invoke emotions

If you focus on entertaining, educating and inspiring your audience, this should naturally work out for you anyway. But it doesn't hurt to check that your content should make your audience feel something, not least because conveying emotion is the greatest way to connect with others.

The stories you tell, the experiences you share, and the anecdotes you weave should stir feelings within your readers. Whether it's joy, empathy, nostalgia, or even a touch of humor, emotions are the glue that connects your content with your audience.

Imagine your content as a vehicle to take your readers on an emotional journey. A heartfelt story can make your readers feel connected, a humorous anecdote can bring smiles, and tales of overcoming challenges can inspire. Emotions are the threads that weave your readers into the fabric of your content, making it memorable and impactful.

By evoking emotions, your content becomes more than just words on a page; it becomes an experience. It's like watching a movie that leaves you teary-eyed or laughing out loud - an emotional connection that lingers long after your readers have finished reading. That's the magic of content that resonates.

(8) Give real-life examples

When you illustrate your points with tangible, real-life scenarios, your content becomes relatable and practical.

Share case studies or examples from your own experiences that mirror the challenges and successes your readers might encounter. These real-life tales bring authenticity and depth to your content.

By using such examples, you not only provide proof that your strategies work but also give your readers something they can relate to and learn from. It's like a roadmap with signposts of real-life experiences, showing your readers that you understand their journey and can guide them based on practical, relatable insights.

(9) Break down complex ideas

If your content involves intricate concepts or ideas, your task is to make them easily digestible.

To achieve this, use analogies, metaphors, and relatable examples to bridge the gap between complexity and understanding. Take that intricate topic and break it down into bite-sized, manageable pieces.

Your goal is to make your audience feel empowered and understood, not confused and overwhelmed. When you make complex ideas accessible, you empower your audience to gain a deeper understanding and apply the knowledge you've provided. This ensures that your content remains approachable and resonates with a wider range of readers.

(10) Encourage Reader Engagement

As you wrap up your content, cement the connection you've built with your readers with a prompt for further engagement. Whether it's leaving a comment, sharing their thoughts, pondering over a question or joining your community, the goal is to keep the conversation going. This engagement isn't just about you speaking to your audience; it's about creating a space for them to speak back. It's the bridge between a well-crafted piece and a dynamic, ongoing relationship with your audience.

It may seem there's a lot to remember in order to create relatable content but it's really quite simple: Give your readers what they want to read about. Use words and phrases they understand. And share your experience and expertise in a helpful and authentic way.

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10 Ways to Create Relatable Content Your Readers Will Love - Mui Tsun (2024)


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